We look to comment on the latest scientific research into health

Opin medical research is an informal UK website supportive of the medical and biomedical research around the world. Advances in medicine over the last 20 years has been breathtaking, and never-ending. The consequences that relieves suffering and benefits all humanity and life on this planet has been immeasurable. The high-quality scientific (biomedical) investigation into the causes, consequences and treatment of certain diseases has proven to be a rich seam to exploit, but scientists, as well as their funders, also have a mission to energise ALL medical Research. Read more.

Improved legal and financial arrangements, supported by the UK government, and political leaders around the world, means the whole range of funding streams are open to all research laboratories, small and large. In the UK, the government provides funding through the Medical Research Council This facilitates the integration of basic science with clinical application. Successful initial projects can attract NHS Research funds through the Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre and, with the advent of five new Academic Health Science Centres in the UK, this funding stream will increase in importance.

Looking to the future, good research programmes will continue to develop in both depth and breadth. The applications of genetics and imaging, pharmacology and epidemiology are now major strengths. The development of simulators built to support medical training for surgeons has been significant. Similarly, coordinated Acute Health Care Organisation that has evolved from research over the last 15 years, as well as honed cost effectiveness of the NHS has led to substantial improvements of the critically ill. The application of low-power electronic device and microsensors is emerging as probably the biggest growth area.